"The National Committee for the Return of the Axum Obelisk, at its meeting on November 30, 2000. expressed its deep concern with the lack of substantial progee towards the implementation of agreements signed earlier between Ethiopia and Italy. The continued presence of the obelisk in Italy after all the efforts deployed is a lingering source of grievance and a growing embarrasment. It is, therefore, necessary to demonstrate readiness at this time to carry out this undertaking of historical significance to the people of Ethiopia and and of lasting benefit to the relations beteween the two countries.

"The National Committtee requests the Italian side promptly to dismantle the obelisk in preperation for transfer to Ethiopia. This would be considered as the sign of the irreversibility of the restitution process. The National Committee has notified HE Ambassador Marcello Ricoveri of Italy of the Ethoipian stand that the time required to effect the return of the obelisk to Ethiopia does not exceed the end of Februaary 2001."