Development Studies Associates

Development Studies Associates (DSA) is a private firm, established in Addis Ababa in January 1994, to provide consultancy services on development projects, including feasibility studies, impact evaluations and socio-economic surveys, and in organizatiion and management studies such as institutional restructuring and privatization. DSA's services also include market analyses for foreign firms interested in investing in Ethiopia and for Ethiopian firms wishing to enter the export market.

The founding partners of DSA, both economists with a wide range of experiences in the study of projects and he management of their implementation, as operations managers of large and complex economic institutions, as economic policy advisors to the private sector, to international institutions and to non-governmental organizations. The DSA partners have worked during the past two decades in the agricultural, industrial and trade sectors.

DSA also has on its roster a long list of highly competent experts - economists, engineers, experts in agriculture, irrigation, the environment, agro-industry, finance, management, marketing and information technology - who are on call to participate in projects requiring their expertise.

A major strength of DSA is its intimate knowledge of the rules and procedures of the Ethiopian government departments and its consequent access to information on the economy. DSA has in-depth knowledge of the Ethiopian private sector as well.

Development Studies Associates is a consulting firm registered with the Ethiopia and Addis Ababa Chambers of Commerce, the Ethiopian Management Institute and the Addis Ababa Region Trade Office.

DSA's Senior Staff
DSA has two senior partners - Aklu Girgre and Berhanu Abebe. Development Studies Associates has delivered a large number of projects in the past few years.
For additional information DSA may be reached at:
Telephone: +251 1 612712
Fax +251 1 514682
P.O.Box: 24752, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia